About Amazon SidewalkΒΆ


Amazon Sidewalk is available only in the United States of America. To an extent, any Sidewalk gateway functionality might be used outside of the U.S., however, it should be used only for the Amazon Sidewalk endpoint development purposes. In addition, we recommend that you consult with your local regulatory bodies, and check if the gateway is allowed to operate its radio in your locale, as U.S. license-free band devices, only for development.

Amazon Sidewalk is a low-bandwidth and long-range wireless communication network that allows to:

  • Simplify new device setup.

  • Extend the low-bandwidth working range of devices.

  • Help devices stay online even outside the range of the home Wi-Fi.

It supports Echo and Ring devices (Sidewalk Gateway) and allows Sidewalk-enabled devices to connect with them directly.

To get more details on the Amazon Sidewalk solution, see the sources on the Additional resources page.