This page outlines the requirements that you need to meet before you start working with the Amazon Sidewalk environment.


Amazon Sidewalk is available only in the United States of America. To an extent, any Sidewalk gateway functionality might be used outside of the U.S., however, it should be used only for the Amazon Sidewalk endpoint development purposes. In addition, we recommend that you consult with your local regulatory bodies, and check if the gateway is allowed to operate its radio in your locale, as U.S. license-free band devices, only for development.

Software requirements

To meet the software requirements, complete the following:

  • Create an Amazon Web Service account to be able to connect AWS cloud applications with your Sidewalk Endpoints.

  • Install AWS CLI with the Sidewalk command support to be able to send data to your Sidewalk Endpoints.


  • Python3 and python3-pip are required to run the Sidewalk tools.

  • This solution was tested on Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS and 22.04 LTS.

Hardware requirements

Ensure you have the following:

  • A supported Nordic Semiconductor’s development kit and, if required, other additional hardware. For the list of the required devices per sample, see Samples overview.

  • Sidewalk Gateway. You can use one of the supported Amazon Sidewalk Gateways, for example, Echo 4th Gen. It is configured with the Alexa App on iOS or Android and requires an Amazon account for setup.

RAM and flash memory requirements

RAM and flash memory requirement values differ depending on the DK and programmed sample.

The following table lists memory requirements (without MCUboot partition) for the default variant of the Sidewalk end device sample running on the nRF52840 DK.


App partition size


Total App partition size

Total RAM

Hello Sidewalk Bluetooth LE (CONFIG_SIDEWALK_SUBGHZ_SUPPORT=n, Debug)

412.20 kB

94.08 kB

983.50 kB

256.00 kB

Hello Sidewalk Bluetooth LE (CONFIG_SIDEWALK_SUBGHZ_SUPPORT=n, Release)

351.50 kB

89.21 kB

983.50 kB

256.00 kB

Hello Sidewalk Bluetooth LE and sub-GHz (Debug)

494.87 kB

109.58 kB

983.50 kB

256.00 kB

Hello Sidewalk Bluetooth LE and sub-GHz (Release)

430.05 kB

104.71 kB

983.50 kB

256.00 kB