Setting up SDK

The Amazon Sidewalk solution from Nordic Semiconductor is based on the nRF Connect SDK v2.3.0. In order to create a Sidewalk prototype, you need to use the following devices:

You can set up your development environment by following one of the installation methods below:

Follow the steps in Installing automatically to perform automatic installation using the Toolchain Manager.

For additional information on setting up the device and Nordic’s development environment and tools, see the nRF Connect SDK Getting started guide.

Downloading Sidewalk repository

Download the Sidewalk application for the nRF Connect SDK:

  1. Open a terminal window.

    If you have installed the nRF Connect SDK through the automatic installation (using the Toolchain Manager), click the down arrow next to the version you installed, and select Open bash.


    Your directory structure should look as follows:

    |___ .west
    |___ bootloader
    |___ modules
    |___ nrf
    |___ nrfxlib
    |___ zephyr
    |___ ...
  2. Clone the Sidewalk application repository from the sdk-sidewalk repository to the nRF Connect SDK folder, and name it sidewalk by running the following command:

    $ git clone sidewalk
  3. Install Python requirements for Sidewalk.

    $ pip install -r sidewalk/requirements.txt
  4. Set the Sidewalk application manifest and update.

    1. Check the current manifest path:

      $ west manifest --path
    2. Set the manifest path to the Sidewalk repository:

      $ west config manifest.path sidewalk
    3. Update all repositories:

      $ west update

      Depending on your connection, the update might take some time.

    4. Verify the new manifest path:

    $ west manifest --path

Extracting nRF Command Line Tools

To download the nRF Command Line, go to the nRF command line tools page.