Release notes

See the release notes for the information about specific Sidewalk support releases for nRF Connect SDK.

[v1.14.5-dev1] - 12/07/2023

  • Added experimental support for the nRF5340 development kit.

  • Updated sdk-nrf to v2.4.99 (main).

[v1.14.4] - 06/05/2023

  • Released Sidewalk based on the nRF Connect SDK v2.4.0.

  • Moved the Semtech pins configuration to DTS.

  • Changed the DFU mode behavior. The device now resets before entering the DFU mode.

  • Added notifying through LEDs whenever the device enters the DFU mode.

  • Automated the repository maintenance with GitHub Actions.

  • Added a link status for every transport in the serial log.

  • Added the AWS IoT Core tools repository to the west manifest file.

[v1.14.3] - 03/22/2023

  • Released the nRF Connect SDK platform support for Sidewalk over Bluetooth LE, LoRa and FSK.

[v1.14.2] - 02/23/2023

  • Release candidate based on the nRF Connect SDK v2.3.0-rc1.

[v1.14.1] - 02/15/2023

  • Committed Sidewalk libraries v1.14.

  • Added documentation preview for development.