Sensor monitoring

This sample demonstrates how a temperature sensor communicates over the secure Sidewalk network, which is a simple Sidewalk-based IOT use case. It consists of an edge device (a sensor). An application server (cloud backend with web UI) compatible with this sample is provided in Amazon Sidewalk Sample IoT App repository.


The sample supports the following development kits:

Hardware platforms


Board name

Build target

nRF52840 DK




nRF5340 DK *




* - Experimental support

To run the sample in the Bluetooth LE link mode, you only need the development kit. However, if you want to run the sample with LoRa or FSK configuration, you also need the LoRa radio module. The supported modules are as follows:

Radio chip

Board name




SPI @ 8Mhz


The LoRa radio module shield must be connected to the development kit header, and the antenna has to be connected to the radio module. For the exact pin assignment, refer to the Pinout section.

Building and running

This sample can be found under samples/sensor_monitoring.


Before you flash you Sidewalk sample, make sure you completed the following:

This step needs to be completed only once. You do not have to repeat it on every sample rebuild.

To build the sample, follow the steps in the Building and programming an application documentation. If you want to select a specific build type instead of a default one, see Selecting a build type.

Selecting a build type

Before you start testing the application, you can select one of the available build types. To select the build type when building the application from command line, specify it by adding one of the following parameters to the west build command:

  • Build with the default configuration (Bluetooth LE link mode):

    $ west build -b build_target

    For example:

    $ west build -b nrf52840dk_nrf52840
  • Build with the FSK link mode:

    $ west build -b build_target -- -DOVERLAY_CONFIG="fsk.conf"
  • Build with the LoRa link mode:

    $ west build -b build_target -- -DOVERLAY_CONFIG="lora.conf"


See Testing and debugging an application for information on testing and debugging in the nRF Connect SDK.

After successfully building the sample and flashing manufacturing data, the sample is ready to use. To refresh the logs, restart the program by pressing the RESET button on your development kit. You should see the following output:

  *** Booting Zephyr OS build v3.2.99-ncs2 ***
  sidewalk             v1.14.3-1-g1232aabb
  nrf                  v2.3.0
  zephyr               v3.2.99-ncs2
  sidewalk_fork_point = af5d608303eb03465f35e369ef22ad6c02564ac6
  build time          = 2023-03-14 15:00:00.000000+00:00

[00:00:00.006,225] <inf> sid_template: Sidewalk example started!

Wait for the device to complete the Automatic Touchless Registration using Sidewalk FFN.


For the full installation guidelines and the application overview, refer to the Amazon Sidewalk Sample IoT App repository.