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Migrating from other IDEs to VS Code

If you have previously built an application in SEGGER Embeded Studio, another IDE, or through the command line, follow these steps to migrate your project into VS Code.

  1. From the Welcome panel, click Add an existing application.

  2. Select the root directory of the application you want to migrate into VS Code.

  3. A popup may appear and ask if you want to change the nRF Connect SDK version path. Click Yes and confirm the SDK version at the top of the screen when the dropdown menu appears.

    nRF Connect SDK version path popup

  4. Another popup may appear after the SDK version is set. This will ask you to change the toolchain path to a version compatible with the SDK. Click Yes.

  5. The imported application will appear in the Applications panel. Click your application and then click the Pristine build icon, which is to the right of Build from the Actions panel.

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