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Configuring the settings

You can quickly set up the nRF Connect SDK version and the nRF Connect toolchain version to use for your project. To do so, complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the nRF Connect extension icon from the Activity Bar. The Extension Views appear.
  2. In the Welcome View, click on Open welcome page.
  3. Click on Quick Setup and set the default nRF Connect SDK and nRF Connect Toolchain according to your project needs. Typically this will be the latest version of the SDK and Toolchain.

    Quick Setup for nRF Connect

When selecting an SDK version, incompatible toolchain options are removed from the toolchain selector and the lowest possible match is automatically selected. If the toolchain is installed on the system path, you can set the toolchain value to PATH. The extension checks if the correct versions of the required tools are present.

Configuration scopes

The configuration settings in the Quick Setup are scope-aware. If there is no VS Code workspace open, they affect the User Settings, otherwise they affect workspace configuration.

User Settings act as a fallback if the current workspace does not override them. To modify these, open the Welcome page again, or go to Preferences > Settings > Extensions > nRF Connect, and edit the Toolchain: Path and Topdir values.

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