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nRF DeviceTree

Devicetree is a system and language for defining the hardware layout of a custom board in a hierarchical tree structure. In a typical scenario, a developer will have several different devices, such as LEDs, a display, and sensors, all of which need to be configured. This configuration is done in the Devicetree language.

Installing from the Marketplace and VS Code

We recommend installing nRF DeviceTree through the nRF Connect Extension Pack, which includes all the extensions recommended for nRF Connect development.

To install the nRF DeviceTree extension individually from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace, click the Install button. This opens and installs the extension in your VS Code editor.

To install the nRF DeviceTree extension from within VS Code:

  1. Click on the Extensions View from the Activity Bar.
  2. Type nRF DeviceTree in the search box.
  3. Click on the extension published by Nordic Semiconductor.
  4. Click the Install button on the nRF DeviceTree extension screen.

Installing a specific build

It is also possible to install specific releases using VSIX file.

  1. Open Visual Studio Code and run the Install from VSIX... command, either through the command palette Ctrl+Shift+P or by opening the Extensions View from the Activity Bar.
  2. Click the ... menu in the top corner.
  3. Locate the VSIX package and click Install.
  4. Reload Visual Studio Code when prompted.
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