How to set up SDK and toolchain - nRF Connect for VS Code
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How to set up SDK and toolchain

The nRF Connect for VS Code extension can work with different versions of the nRF Connect toolchain and the nRF Connect SDK.

The nRF Connect SDK refers to all the software components of the SDK. The nRF Connect SDK Toolchain refers to the set of development tools required for working with the SDK.

To set up the SDK and toolchain versions for your project, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the nRF Connect extension in Visual Studio Code by clicking its icon in the Activity Bar.
  2. In the Welcome View, click on Manage toolchains.
    The list of actions appears.
  3. Click Install Toolchain.
    The list of available toolchain versions appears.
  4. Select the toolchain version to install.


    You can also specify custom index URL and directory using the respective buttons in the quick pick header.

    The toolchain installation starts in the background, as can be seen in the notification that appears and in Output in the Panel Views. A notification also appears when the installation is complete.

  5. Click Manage SDKs.
    The list of actions appears.

  6. Click Install SDK.
    The list of available SDK versions appears.
  7. Select the SDK version to install.
    In most cases, you want the SDK version that matches your toolchain version.
    The toolchain installation can take several minutes.

When you install the toolchain and the SDK for the first time, the installed versions are automatically selected for your project.

See Extension settings overview for more information about SDK and toolchain versions, including how to add custom toolchain indexes and installations.