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How to set up SDK and toolchain

The nRF Connect for VS Code extension can work with different versions of the nRF Connect SDK and the nRF Connect toolchain.

To set up the SDK and toolchain versions for your project, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the nRF Connect extension in Visual Studio Code by clicking its icon in the Activity Bar.
  2. Click on Open welcome page in the Welcome View.
  3. Expand the Quick Setup section.
  4. Set the paths for the following options according to your project needs:

    • nRF Connect SDK - This option refers to the nRF Connect SDK version you have installed, either through the Toolchain Manager or manually.
    • nRF Connect Toolchain - This option refers to the set of development tools required for working with the nRF Connect SDK.

Usually, you will end up with the latest versions for both the SDK and the toolchain. The following image shows the configuration for one of the nRF Connect SDK versions:

Quick Setup section

See Extension settings overview for more information about SDK and toolchain versions.