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How to work with multiple build configurations

An application can have several build configurations that represent different CMake build systems. At any given time, only one build configuration (and thus application) is active.

You can create multiple build configurations for an application using the same setup steps as for setting up a single build configuration. The additional build configuration appears under the selected application. The active build configuration is indicated by the blue color of its icon in the treeview.

If a build configuration has child images that target different cores, those images will be grouped according to the separate cores.

Application with one build configuration for each core of the same SoC

How to build multiple configurations

You have the following build options for building multiple configurations:

How to build in the current workspace

Use the nRF Connect: Build All Configurations command or click the icon located in the Toolbar of the Applications View.
This will sequentially build all configurations for all existing applications in the current workspace.

Build All Configurations

How to build within a specific application

  1. Click on that application name within the Applications View.
  2. Hover to the right and click on Build All Configurations for Application.

    Build All Configurations for Application

How to flash multiple build configurations

To flash multiple build configurations at the same time, use one of the following methods:

  • Use the nRF Connect: Flash All Linked Devices command.
  • Click on the Flash All Linked Devices button from the Global actions in the Applications View.

This will flash all linked build configurations. This feature is not available if one board is linked to more than one build configuration.

Flash all build configurations

To flash a single build configuration, use the Flash button in the Actions View after connecting the device to the terminal.