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Memory report overview

The memory report shows the size and percentage of memory that each symbol uses on your device for RAM, ROM, and partitions (when applicable) for a particular application. If you have an application that has too high memory requirements, this kind of information can help you understand how much space each symbol uses and where you can potentially reduce the memory usage.

When the report generation finishes, two memory reports automatically open in the editor within the same Webview, one for RAM and one for ROM. The data for these reports are respectively stored in the ram.json and rom.json files, which are saved in the application's build configuration folder.

The following exceptions can apply to the report generation:

  • If you have several build configurations, a memory report will only be generated for the currently-selected build configuration.
  • If you have an invalid build configuration, a failure warning will display when you try to generate the report.
  • If any changes have been made to your device or its application, you must rebuild the application and regenerate the memory report for it to display the updated information.

The memory report feature generates a treeview and interactive sunburst chart of the memory usage. The sunburst chart presents sections in premade stacks to see how the memory is allocated so you can optimize your application accordingly through Kconfig settings.

Memory report for partitions

A Partitions report is available only when a memory report has been generated for an application that contains partitions.

Partitions report