Overview - nRF Connect for VS Code
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Guide overview

In this section, you can find guides grouped by the following concepts:

  • Workspaces and applications - This section describes the differences between a west workspace and a VS Code workspace, as well as differences between freestanding and workspace applications.
  • Extension settings - Pages in this section provide information about the extension settings, its sources, and what you can customize.
  • Source control with west - This section introduces west, a tool for managing repositories adopted by Zephyr and nRF Connect SDK, and describes its integration within VS Code's Source Control View.
  • Configuring your application - This section describes how you can configure your application using the extension's features, including a GUI for the Devicetree and Kconfig languages.
  • Build and flash management - Pages in this section describe build configuration options that you can use when working with single or multiple applications. They also describe ways to customize build and flash tasks.
  • Boards and devices - This section describes the topics of adding and customizing boards and devices.
  • Debugging an application - Pages in this section list debugging features and advanced debugging techniques, as well as provide information about how to connect to a serial terminal using the extension.
  • Memory reports - This section offers a detailed overview of the memory report feature.