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Customizing nRF Kconfig

Accessing the nRF Kconfig GUI

Kconfig is only visible as an option if the nrf-connect.kconfig.interface setting is set to kconfig. If the Kconfig option is not visible in the Actions View, right-click Menuconfig or Guiconfig, and select Kconfig instead. Alternatively, you can right-click and choose Configure... to change the default configuration UI. nRF Kconfig GUI can also be accessed by running Kconfig: Show Kconfig GUI from the Command Palette.

Customizing the Kconfig options

Kconfig is organized in a hierarchical structure where child options are nested under parent options. In some cases, the parent option must be enabled first before the child option is visible.

Enable Kconfig child options

Reviewing and reverting changes

The Changes View lets you review which changes you have made to the Kconfig options. These are the changes to Kconfig options between project configuration files (prj_*.conf and Kconfig fragments) used for the current build configuration and the build configuration's .config file. To see details about a particular option, click the tooltip icon. The Kconfig option details appear in the adjacent View.

Alternatively, you can review or revert a changed option by clicking the Jump to Item button. You will be redirected to the option within the Kconfig tree in the nRF Kconfig View.

View Kconfig changes

There are several ways to save your Kconfig option changes:

  • Save saves temporary changes to the <build>/zephyr/.conf file.
  • Save to file saves changes to an existing .conf file.
  • Save (minimal) saves the smallest subset of settings to a new .conf file.