Keybindings - nRF Connect for VS Code
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Use the following keybindings to work more efficiently with the extension. You can customize them in the VS Code Keyboard Shortcuts Editor.

Essential VS Code keybindings

The extension uses the default Key Bindings for Visual Studio Code, such as the one for Command Palette (Ctrl-Shift-P) or Source Control View (Ctrl-Shift-G).

Extension keybindings

The extension offers the following custom nRF Connect keybindings:

Command Keybinding
Build Ctrl-Alt-B
Erase And Flash To Board Ctrl-Alt-E
Flash Ctrl-Alt-P
Pristine Build Ctrl-Shift-Alt-B
Select Active Build Configuration Ctrl-Alt-C
Open Welcome page Ctrl-Alt-H
Run West Update Ctrl-Alt-U
Show nRF Connect extension Ctrl-Alt-N

nRF Kconfig keyboard shortcuts

You can use the following custom keybindings in the nRF Kconfig GUI:

Command Keybinding
Jump to Search modules Ctrl-L or Ctrl-F
Move to menu option above Up arrow key
Move to menu option below Down arrow key