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Applications View

The Applications View is one of the default Sidebar Views. It lists all of the applications in the current workspace.

The View is initially empty and only contains generic information and the Open Application button, which does the same as the Open an existing application button in the Welcome View.

Applications View without an application

The View lists all applications you created or added to the workspace, and highlights the selected application.

Applications View with an application

View actions

Hovering with your mouse over different parts of the Applications View will display icons for available options.

Global actions

The global actions are available to all applications in your current workspace. Hover over the Applications View's to reveal the menu with global actions (View Toolbar menu with View Action icons).

Applications View Toolbar

The following global actions are available:

Action Description
Add Folder as Application Lets you locate a folder on your computer that already contains application files. Using this option adds the application folder to the workspace folder structure in the Explorer and the application entry to the Applications View.
Refresh Applications Prompts the extension to scan your application folder for new build configurations. Use this option if the extension does not automatically detect a newly created build folder.
Build All Configurations Builds all configurations for all applications.
Flash All Linked Devices Flashes builds to all connected devices associated with the builds. See Flashing multiple build configurations for more information.

Application-specific actions

The application-specific actions are available only to the given application. Hover over any of your application items in the list to reveal the menu with buttons.

Application-specific icons

The following actions are available:

Action Description
Add Build Configuration Lets you set up build configurations for each application.
Build All Configurations for Application Builds all configurations for only that specific application.
Remove Application Removes the application from the nrf-connect.applications setting, if it is listed there. This option is located in the More actions... drop-down menu. It does not remove the application files from your machine. To remove the application entry also from the Applications View, see How to remove an application.

Build-specific actions

The build-specific actions are available only to the given build folder within the application. Some of these options are available from the drop-down menu.

Build-specific icons

Within each application, you can use the following actions that are specific to a single build folder:

Action Description
Link Build Configuration And Device Lets you link a build configuration to a specific device.
Edit Configuration Lets you edit an existing build configuration for the selected application.
Save Configuration as Preset Saves the current build configuration as a preset. This is a shortcut to nRF Connect: Save Configuration as Preset in the Command Palette. This saves the current build configuration to the CMakePresets.json file.
Copy Build Command Saves a copy of the build command for the selected build into your device's clipboard.
Clean Build Configuration Removes most files generated during the building process, but keeps the configuration and backup files.
Remove Build Configuration Permanently removes the build configuration from the Applications View, including all build configuration files. This option is available from the drop-down menu.

Build configuration details

After the build is created, you can hover with the mouse over its entry in the Applications View to check its details. A notification that appears will contain the key information about the build configuration, including the board, the input files, and the CMake information.

Build configuration summary

The Copy Build Command button at the bottom of the notification corresponds to the one listed under Build-specific actions.