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Details View

The Details View is one of the default Sidebar Views. It shows the files of the selected application. It is located under the Applications View and shows up as the name of your application.

Details View

These are the main sections of the Details View:

Section Description
Source files Lists the application's source files including main.c. You can find the module files for both the nRF Connect SDK and Zephyr here, as well as the Generated files from the build.
Input files Lists the application configuration files such as prj.conf and CMakeLists.txt.
Output files Lists the output files generated by the build.

View action

You can also use the Search in These Files feature to search within a selected folder or group of files. Hover your mouse over any of the listed groups or folders, and click the magnifying glass icon. The VS Code Search View opens, prefilled to only search the files within the selected location.

Search in These Files

Pristine Build action (stale build configuration)

Instead of the files of the selected application, the Details View can show the following notification about build configuration being stale:

Pristine Build button in the Details View

The notification can appear in the following cases:

Clicking the button starts the pristine build behavior that is identical to the Pristine Build option available in the Actions View.