Source control UI - nRF Connect for VS Code
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Source control UI

The Zephyr project includes a tool called west, which is used to manage the combination of multiple Git repositories and versions that make up the nRF Connect SDK. The extension provides a graphical front end to west.

The extension provides an overview of your west workspace and modules in VS Code's Source Control, accessible from the Activity Bar.

west modules in the Source Control View

The west module source control section includes the following information:

  • The tag or description of the state of the repository that holds the manifest.
  • A list that includes the path and all the west modules:

    • Manifest: The path to the current west manifest.
    • Changed: Modules that are out of sync with the west manifest or have local file changes.
    • Clean: Modules that are synced and do not have local changes.
    • Not Cloned: Modules that have not been cloned and therefore do not exist in the file system. These normally correspond to excluded filter groups in the west manifest.
  • A refresh symbol if the workspace is out of sync with the manifest. Clicking on the symbol updates the west workspace state.

The information about the west module status can be displayed in the Status Bar.