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Version 2021.10.103


  • armToolchainPath to the cortex debug config.
  • New welcome panel with quick shortcuts.
  • Device erase, recover, and reset commands.


  • Build configurations are linked with devices.
  • Build configuration tooltip is shown the config settings.
  • Applications are sorted by natural order sorting.
  • Incompatible toolchain options are filtered out when selecting the SDK version.
  • Current selected sample is shown in the sample browser.
  • Sample browser size is adjusted to fill the view.
  • Expected environment variables are checked when PATH is selected for the toolchain.
  • A toolchain is selected that matches the nRF Connect SDK version or the latest one.
  • West commands are displayed in the output channel.


  • Device management actions now always show for devices.
  • Applications panel now uses a Loading... filler.
  • VS Code no longer refreshes when adding a new sample.
  • Toolchain environment is now included in menuconfig task.
  • Device aliases are now stored in the configuration file by default.
  • The funnel is now filled when there are active filters.
  • West environment is now used when checking tools in support command.
  • nrfjprog is now always used as the runner for flashing.
  • Correct configuration scope is now used for SDK and toolchain settings.
  • Instability when reading Zephyr map file for RTT addresses.


  • Duplicate states in the device aliases.
  • End assertion from nrjfprog regex.
  • The debug launch delay.