v2021.11.109 - nRF Connect for VS Code
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Version 2021.11.109


  • Context-aware fallbacks to topdir lookups.
  • Workspace folders to board roots.
  • Command to set the west manifest.
  • Command for initializing west workspaces.
  • Support to initialize the west repository from branches.
  • Basic west integration into the source control panel.
  • Telemetry to gather product improvement data.


  • Specified toolchains and SDKs installations are verified.
  • SDK & toolchain paths were replaced with specific settings.
  • Inserted variables in all string and string[] settings.
  • west update is always called from the current topdir.
  • C/C++ integration falls back to the user configuration when no build is active.
  • C/C++ now provides a browse path.
  • Consistent error messages are displayed.
  • Connected devices are included in the Generate Support Information command.
  • Applications are looked for in the active application's parent directory.
  • Device name is included in the flash action tooltips.
  • A matching toolchain or the latest toolchain version is selected.
  • West commands are displayed in an output channel.

Breaking changes

  • Kconfig API version 3: LSP.


  • Activation crash in the shared storage load.
  • Invalid characters are now converted into dashes for board generation.
  • Editor state is now read when replacing variables in settings.
  • Now warns about an empty application name only when the field is modified.
  • Path to arm-none-eabi-gcc is now shown in the generate config command.
  • Ensured that the handling of Windows line endings works as intended.
  • J-Link is now resolved anywhere on Windows regardless of where it is installed.
  • Pristine build CMake variables.
  • West environment is now used when checking the tools in the Generate Support Information command.


  • Browse... option as a toolchain selection on Linux.
  • Build configuration context menu from the Actions panel.