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Version 2021.12.137


  • HOME variable to the west environment on Windows.
  • Tooltips for Kconfig fragments and the toolchain.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for frequently used commands.
  • Buttons to Build All and Flash All known or linked builds and devices.


  • Several new UI capabilities to the Kconfig GUI.
  • Boards from all architectures are included in the board selection.
  • Text input is supported for board revisions if the board has revisions.
  • New telemetry.telemetryLevel setting is respected.
  • Warns when Git is not detected during the toolchain check.
  • An application template's name is used as the default application name.
  • The default application location folder is remembered.
  • Supports threads and peripherals when debugging with Ozone.
  • A warning is displayed if debugging a non-debug build.
  • CONFIG_DEBUG_THREAD_INFO is used instead of the deprecated CONFIG_OPENOCD_SUPPORT flag.
  • A new location is supported for the minimum nRF Connect SDK toolchain version.
  • Generate Configuration screen is now Add Build Configuration.


  • Board root handling for pristine builds.
  • connect to RTT command now starts nRF Terminal.
  • Python path in the support information report.
  • Automatic variable substitution for workspaceFolder entries.
  • workspaceFolder variable to only be used when partially matching a directory name.
  • Now allows defaultJLinkDir to be undefined.
  • No longer checks the nrfjprog binary architecture.
  • No longer asks about the toolchain manager on Linux in the SDK check.
  • Prevented the undefined choice from appearing for the SDK.


  • preLaunch task from the initial debug configuration.