v2022.3.70 - nRF Connect for VS Code
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Version 2022.3.70


  • Show the name of the editing context in the devicetree overview.
  • Generate memory reports action to see the RAM and ROM usage in an image.
  • Right-click menu option to copy a device's serial number from the Connected Devices panel.


  • Show the welcome message by default for new users.
  • Show a warning to the user when the SDK path cannot be resolved.
  • Always enable the board revision field in the Add Build Configuration view.
  • Validate the toolchain selection when the form loads and during the toolchain selection.
  • Distinguish between optional and required tooling when warning the user about an incomplete toolchain setup.


  • Usage of the PATH/Path environment variable on Windows.
  • Check that the hex file exists when referencing it.
  • Restore the "No devices connected" message to the Connected Devices panel.
  • Unlink a device when deleting a build configuration.
  • Ask the user to pick the device before building and flashing.
  • Refresh builds when the DFU zip file is added, removed, or changed.


  • First directory in the Source and Include file trees.
  • Unnecessary nrf-connect.jlink.rtosPlugin setting.
  • Toolchain reference in the UI on Linux.