nRF DeviceTree - nRF Connect for VS Code
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Version 2022.4.31

Welcome to the April 2022 release of nRF DeviceTree for VS Code.


In addition to the messaging the nRF Connect SDK build system provides for DeviceTree source files, the nRF DeviceTree extension displays additional warnings and suggestions to avoid common configuration issues and typos. Unfortunately, some of these warnings are triggered on system on chip (SoC) specific DeviceTree files in the nRF Connect SDK, which generally are not within the application developer's control. These warnings end up cluttering the VS Code diagnostics view, causing unnecessary noise for users.

Instead of showing these diagnostics for all applications, the extension will now only show DeviceTree diagnostics for the currently opened file. This provides more focused and relevant diagnostic information, whether you are contributing to the nRF Connect SDK or just working on your application.


The nRF DeviceTree extension shares its execution environment with the nRF Connect extension if it is installed. Whenever the nRF DeviceTree extension is running on its own, it attempts to locate the active nRF Connect SDK installation and other dependencies. Unfortunately, this mechanism would misfire in some scenarios, causing unwanted notifications about missing ZEPHYR_BASE settings. We have now corrected this.

We have now improved the the tooltip in the DeviceTree sidebar by adding informative text about what will happen if you click each entry, instead of just redundantly showing the entry label.

Improved tooltip text for nRF DeviceTree