nRF Kconfig - nRF Connect for VS Code
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Version 2022.1.78


  • Save to file functionality that saves a minimal config for the current Kconfig state to the active prj.conf.
  • Line decoration in Kconfig files, which shows the live state if it is different to the current value.
  • Symbol dependencies to the nRF Kconfig GUI description panel.
  • Indent guidelines in the tree view for visual clarity.
  • Various styling improvements to the nRF Kconfig GUI.


  • Nodes no longer expand in the Changes view.
  • Disabled menus no longer expand.
  • Horizontal and vertical splitter movements impacting each other in the nRF Kconfig GUI.
  • Language server code not reloading with the west workspace.


  • Top level of the nRF Kconfig GUI tree view.