nRF Kconfig - nRF Connect for VS Code
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Version 2022.11.50

Welcome to the November 2022 release of the nRF Kconfig extension.

We rely on feedback from our users to make the VS Code extensions as useful and stable as possible. Each release includes several features and bug fixes suggested by our users. We highlight these changes with a dedicated tag in the release notes: User feedback

If you have any suggestions for new features or bugs that need fixing, you can submit them through the extension's built-in feedback form or the Nordic DevZone

Kconfig tasks run in the default shell User feedback

We added a setting in the nRF Connect for VS Code > Extension settings to change the default shell where Kconfig tasks are run. Kconfig tasks are executed in the Command Prompt, on some Windows machines. This would cause errors in some environments, but now this setting is added to let run Kconfig tasks in the default shell.

nRF Kconfig GUI scroll when jumping to an item

We fixed a bug where the nRF Kconfig GUI's tree would not always scroll to an item when jumped to from the search bar.