nRF Kconfig - nRF Connect for VS Code
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Version 2022.9.15

Welcome to the September 2022 release of the nRF Kconfig extension for VS Code.

  • Original release version: v2022.9.15

In this release, we worked on improving the following areas:

2022.10.7 additionally fixes the following issues:

  • nRF Kconfig GUI: When toggling boolean options the UI would switch the active entry for a split second, causing a glitch in the breadcrumbs view and selection highlight.

Shield support

nRF Kconfig now supports Zephyr shields. The extension can find and include Zephyr shield configuration files for an application's build.

Properties file recognition

_defconfig files, such as nrf52dk_nrf52832_defconfig, in the nRF52 development kit directory are now recognized as properties files. This enables syntax highlighting and other language features for these files.

Bug fixes

We fixed a bug where the extension would incorrectly show a warning in general parsing cases. This warning has now been disabled for these cases.

Additionally, we fixed an uncommon bug in the nRF Kconfig GUI that would cause the extension to crash. This bug would occur when switching between the Change and Edit tabs when a search was in progress.