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Connecting to nRF Terminal

There are two ways to connect a device to the nRF Terminal.

  • From the Panel Toolbar of the nRF Terminal Panel View:

    • Click on the first plug icon to connect and Start Terminal With New Configuration.

    • Click on the second plug icon (with the reload circle) to connect and Start Terminal With Previous Configuration.

    Connect to the terminal

  • From the Connected Devices View:

    1. Click on the board you want to connect to.

      A list of options appear.

    2. Hover your mouse over the option that has a terminal icon.

    3. Click on the plug icon to the right of this option to connect to the terminal.

    Connected Devices View to terminal

Status Bar connection

The Status Bar displays the currently connected device and allows you to disconnect the device.

Click on name of the serial port where the device is connected in the Status Bar to disconnect from your device.