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nRF Terminal

nRF Terminal integrates with the nRF Connect for VS Code extension, which provides UI-based access points to connect to your devices over serial ports or RTT.

nRF Terminal Tab

The nRF Terminal tab appears in the Terminal panel of the VS Code interface and allows you to connect to your device over serial ports or RTT through the Command Palette. The terminal will reconnect automatically if a device is re-enumerated, but this feature is not supported for RTT.


The following commands are available in nRF Terminal:

Command Definition
nRF Terminal: Start terminal Starts the terminal, prompts for settings, and connects to the serial port
nRF Terminal: Stop terminal Stops the terminal and disconnects from the serial port
nRF Terminal: Switch to line mode Switches the terminal to 'line' mode
nRF Terminal: Switch to character mode Switches the terminal to 'character' mode
nRF Terminal: Clear Clears the contents of the terminal.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Commonly used shortcuts to Copy (Ctrl+C), and Paste (Ctrl+V) for a selected item do not work in the terminal environment. These character sequences are used for other purposes in terminal applications. Instead the approaches are the following:

Function Windows and Linux macOS
Copy Ctrl+Ins Cmd+C
Paste Shift+Ins Cmd+V


Terminal mode

Values: character (default), line

In character mode, every key-press is sent directly to the connected device. This is useful for interacting with device shells, such as the Zephyr Shell.

In line mode, the terminal displays the characters typed and then submits them to the device as a single message when you click Enter. This is useful for AT sessions and other non-shell interactions.

Status bar connection

The status bar displays the current connection status and allows you to connect and disconnect through serial ports or over RTT.

Click on nRF Terminal Disconnected in the status bar to connect to your device. You can disconnect from your device the same way.

To clear the information in the nRF Terminal, click the icon located to the right of the connection status text.

Connecting and disconnecting over serial ports

Configuration values presets

When connecting to a device, you will be prompted to either use a preset for the configuration values or to select the values individually. The current preset is:

115200 8n1 (baud rate: 115200, data bits: 8, stop bits: 1, parity: 'none' , rtscts: false)

To customize your values, choose the Other option from the drop-down list. The last eight recently used configurations are also displayed as options above the default.

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