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Develop applications based on the nRF Connect SDK entirely within Visual Studio Code.

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nRF Connect

Develop, build, and test nRF Connect SDK applications.

nRF DeviceTree

Display custom hardware layouts in a tree structure.

nRF Kconfig

View and customize configuration options with the Kconfig GUI.

nRF Terminal

Use UI-based access points to connect over serial port or RTT.

Create, build, flash, and debug applications based on the nRF Connect SDK all from one interface.
Develop multiple applications at once without the need for a multi-root workspace.
Manage the repositories and versions of the nRF Connect SDK with a graphical front end for Zephyr's west tool.
Use devicetree language support with syntax validation and highlighting, code completion, and the ability to add missing required properties.
Languages used in the nRF Connect SDK, such as devicetree and Kconfig, are fully integrated into the UI.
Identify your application's memory distribution with the Memory report.
Connect to your devices over serial ports or RTT with the built-in UI-based access points.
Get high performance debugging with the custom debugger made for Nordic devices.


One user interface Multi-app development support West integration Devicetree Kconfig Memory report Built-in terminal Debugging

Easy to configure your project

  • Set up applications quickly with the Sample Browser
  • Add, save, and share build configurations using CMake presets
  • Set and save Kconfig options with the Kconfig GUI
  • Add custom task bindings to Build and Flash commands
  • Expand board functionality with devicetree overlays
nRF Connect for VS Code in the process of building an application