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nRF Connect for VS Code

Nordic Semiconductor's nRF Connect extensions for Microsoft's Visual Studio Code allow you to develop, build, test, and deploy embedded applications based on the nRF Connect SDK. It includes an interface to the compiler and linker, an RTOS-aware debugger, a seamless interface to the nRF Connect SDK, and an integrated serial terminal among other development tools.

Learn how to use each extension from the documentation sections below.

nRF Connect nRF DeviceTree nRF Kconfig nRF Terminal
nRF Connect nRF DeviceTree nRF Kconfig nRF Terminal


  • nRF91, nRF53, nRF52 Series support
  • Cross-platform compatible on Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Seamless integration with nRF Connect SDK
  • DeviceTree viewer
  • Kconfig options GUI
  • Create new board wizard
  • RTOS-aware debugger
  • CLI and GUI to the compiler and linker
  • Integrated serial terminal

Release notes

Check out the latest features and improvements for each extension here:

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