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Status Bar

The Status Bar is located at the bottom of the VS Code interface. It is used to display information about the opened project and the files you edit, as well as actions you perform, for example copying to clipboard.

The extension adds several features to this section: source control, RTT and serial connection status, the selected application, and notifications.

Status Bar

Depending on other extensions and your custom configuration, your Status Bar might look different. It can also change color to show different types of notifications.

Source control

VS Code displays information related to the Source Control View in the Status Bar.

The type of information depends on which branch and repository you have selected in the Source Control View. By default, the Status Bar will show you information related to the west manifest status, given that the extension provides a source control interface for interacting with west. Clicking on the west manifest in the Status Bar will give you an option to select another manifest from a drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

Serial and RTT connection status

This item shows the current RTT or serial connection status for the given device. You can right-click on the name of the connection and disconnect your device.

To establish a connection, use the nRF Terminal profile actions. To clear the information in the terminal, click the icon located to the right of the connection status text.

Selected application

The selected application's name appears in the right corner of the Status Bar. Click on the name to select a different application from a drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

When applicable, warning messages appear in the selected application's Status Bar Item and the Status Bar Item changes color. For example, you may get a warning if you have no SDK selected. Hover over the Status Bar Item to reveal the full warning message.


Notifications provide information about extension events.

Some notifications have a "Don't Show Again" button. Clicking this button will stop the notification from appearing in the future. If you have hidden a notification, but wish to see it again, run the nRF Connect: Reset Notifications command from the Command Palette.