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Version 2023.11.301

Welcome to the November 2023 release of nRF Connect for VS Code.

Read below for the summary of the most important changes.

SDK management

  • Install SDK

    • The location selection selects the full SDK installation path instead of just the parent directory.
  • Status Bar

    • Added status item message when the SDK is out of sync.
    • Now indicates the scope of the SDK and Toolchain selection.
    • Now displays the SDK versions with v.
  • SDK detection

    • Added the Refresh SDKs button that refreshes the SDK listed next to the Manage SDKs action.
    • Improved the detection of changes to the SDK's VERSION file.
  • Manage SDKs actions

    • SDKs are now sorted in descending version order.

West workspace management

  • Added the Create New West Manifest and West Update actions to Manage west workspace menu.
  • Improved the detection of available west manifest files.
  • When creating a new west workspace, VS Code checks if the directory is already open before asking whether to open it.
  • Added an error in the Status Bar if the west manifest is invalid.

Toolchain management

  • The active Toolchain is now inferred from the active build instead of marking the build stale.
  • Toolchains are now sorted in descending version order in the Manage Toolchains actions.
  • Fixed an issue with the toolchain validation, which now runs automatically whenever the active toolchain changes.

Application index

Create new application

  • Application directory selection has been reduced to a single step.
  • Fixed several git errors that would cause the new application workflow to fail.
  • Fixed the incorrect project name in the initial commit.
  • Fixed the incorrect project name in CMakeLists.txt.


Add Build Configuration page

  • Added snippet selection menu.
  • Added a warning when the build directory already exists.
  • Reinstated the warning about the usage of boards with a variant that allows to build firmware with Cortex-M Security Extensions.
  • Updated the generation process to use the EXTRA_DTC_OVERLAY_FILE and EXTRA_CONF_FILE variables when supported.
  • The page now always shows the Devicetree overlay section.

CMake presets support

  • Added the usage of CMake preset's binaryDir to populate the build directory name. User feedback
  • Added the evaluation of the ${sourceParentDir} variable when parsing CMake presets.

Details View

  • Fixed an issue with the stale build warning not refreshing after a successful build.
  • Fixed an issue with the devicetree files not being displayed until the nRF DeviceTree extension is activated.
  • Addressed performance of Kconfig file tree.


  • Build terminal no longer prints a separate line for each ninja build status.
  • Removed type-annotation in CMake arguments passed to west build.


nRF Util

  • Updated the bundled versions of the device command to v2.0.0 and the toolchain-manager command to v0.14.1.
  • Moved nRF Util output to a dedicated output channel.
  • Added the nRF Util launcher version to support info object.

Other improvements

  • Added the usage of the default shell to query environment variables instead of assuming bash on Mac and Linux.
  • Moved all custom icons to the icon font, which fixes inconsistent coloring and delayed loading in codespaces.
  • Added YAML validation schema for twister files.
  • Added support for nRF52840 QFAA variant in the Create a new board workflow.
  • Cleaned up settings scopes and removed unused settings.
  • Improved performance of the file watcher for west manifests and build configurations.
  • Fixed an issue with the missing scrollbar on partition report layout.