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Version 2023.9.57

Welcome to the September 2023 release of the nRF DeviceTree extension.

This release, we have been working on improving the following areas:

Export node visualizations to SVG

In this release, we've added the ability to export the visualizations of individual nodes to SVG. This can be useful for sharing designs with colleagues, saving them for later reference, and importing them into other applications. Here is an example of an exported gpio-leds node:

Exported gpio-leds node

To export a visualization, right click on it and select Export Visualization. Choose a location to save the export, and click Open to open the SVG in your default SVG viewer. It's currently only possible to export a single visualization at a time. In the future, we're planning to add support for exporting multiple visualizations into one document, as well as additional formatting options.

Low power mode toggle

A new Low power mode toggle was added to the Pin Management widget, allowing the lower-power-enable flag to be enabled and disabled through the graphical interface.

Lower power mode flag

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a regression that prevented dropdowns from expanding past modal boundaries.
  • Fixed the unintentionally short width of Boolean properties.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pin Assign widget could become lost if the window dimensions were reduced too much.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in invalid duplicate pin assignments being rendered. These are now filtered out, and only the last valid assignment is shown.
  • Fixed laggy behavior that could occur when typing quickly into number and string properties.