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Version 2023.4.17

Welcome to the April 2023 release of the nRF Kconfig extension.

This release, we have been working on improving the following areas:

nRF Kconfig GUI: Renamed Save to Apply

To avoid confusion, the Save button in nRF Kconfig GUI has been renamed to Apply. This button applies the changes you have made through the GUI to the active configuration file, and is the correct choice when you simply want to change configuration options in your build configuration.

Save renamed to Apply


We have corrected some issues with the Kconfig editing experience, primarily centered around context management.

Stopped reparsing broken Kconfig contexts

Kconfig contexts that have failed compilation are no longer reparsed until a change is detected in their files. This prevents the same failure diagnostic appearing multiple times.

Kconfig GUI reloads on save

The Kconfig GUI's treeview now reloads whenever a Kconfig file that is part of the active build is saved to disk.

Improved stability and error recovery

We applied the following changes to improve stability and error recovery:

  • The Kconfig tree is now reparsed more often.
  • Fixed a cascading crash that could occur on import.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when checking if Python files are in Zephyr on Windows.

Account for ZEPHYR_BASE changes in module reload

When switching between different nRF Connect SDK installations, the Kconfig language service could fail to load the kconfigfunctions module from the correct Zephyr repository. As a result, this could cause errors with the dt_ macros in Kconfig files that wouldn't appear with the build system. The extension now ensures that the correct module is imported.


  • The minimum required version of VS Code has been increased to v1.66.