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Version 2023.11.64

Welcome to the November 2023 release of the nRF Kconfig extension.

Read below for the summary of the most important changes.

nRF Kconfig GUI

  • Added the Reset Value button that resets the option to its original value.
  • Changed the icon of the Jump to Item button to avoid confusion with the reset button.
  • Added context menu for treeview items.
  • Clicking on the expand chevron in the treeview now toggles the option's expanded state on the first click.
  • Added a checkbox to optional radio groups.
  • Fixed a glitch in the active item selection when pressing a radio button.

Kconfig language support

  • Added parsing, syntax highlighting, and auto-completion support for configdefault, introduced in Zephyr PR #51316.
  • Fixed a broken inline hint for the configuration settings that are set in prj.conf, but end up being excluded from the final build.
  • Fixed the incorrect error highlighting of if after imply.

Zephyr header file suggestions

  • Added Zephyr's subsystem configuration options to the header file checker.