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Version 2023.6.51

Welcome to the June 2023 release of the nRF Kconfig extension.

This release, we have been working on improving the following areas:

Support for sysbuild

With the introduction of Zephyr's sysbuild to the nRF Connect SDK and to the nRF Connect extension, the nRF Kconfig extension needed a few tweaks to support all the new mechanisms. The extension now automatically detects whether the build configuration is based on sysbuild or is a traditional Zephyr build. It also adjusts accordingly the Kconfig menu and the Kconfig and .conf files.

Disabled save to non-existing files

The Save to file button allows you to write configuration changes to the active prj.conf file. In some scenarios, no such file exists, and the button produces an error when clicked. For example, this is common when editing build configurations that use sysbuild. We have shortened the feedback loop by disabling the button in such cases.