nRF Terminal - nRF Connect for VS Code
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Version 2022.9.15

Welcome to the September 2022 release of the nRF Terminal extension for Visual Studio Code.

  • Original release version: v2022.9.15

We made some minor tweaks to the nRF Terminal Panel View in this release.

The Save button in the nRF Terminal Panel View Toolbar has been renamed to Save Terminal Output to File to be more descriptive. The Save Terminal Output to File button will now only be shown after you have connected your device to the terminal at least once. Previously, this button would not be helpful if you had not connected to the terminal before and it would appear as soon as you opened the nRF Terminal Panel View.

Additionally, we made it so that the saved output file will now save in your home directory and have a more useful filename that includes the date and time. For example, the output file could be saved with the following name: terminal_output_2022-09-05T10-54-40.573Z.txt.

2022.10.7 additionally fixes the following issues:

  • Saving log file on Windows: When pressing the Save Terminal Output to File button on Windows, the extension would mangle the file location, causing an error instead of saving the file.