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Version 2023.9.31

Welcome to the September 2023 release of the nRF Kconfig extension.

This release, we have been working on improving the following areas:

Changes in 2023.9.94

  • Bumped the minimum Python version to v3.7 to resolve a crash.
  • Fixed the syntax highlighting for if conditions on imply entries.
  • Changed Go to Definition and Jump to Item icons to more intuitive ones.
  • Fixed an issue where the Kconfig menu search would be reopened when interacting with the main menu.

nRF Kconfig GUI

"Go to definition" button

We've added a button to the Kconfig symbols that when clicked will take you to the line in the Kconfig file where the symbol was defined.

Show documentation in kconfig UI when node is clicked User feedback

Today, clicking the Information icon in the right-hand side of a node will show its documentation. We've had feedback that this icon was easy to miss, so in this release the behavior has been changed to show the node documentation when anywhere in the node is clicked.

Fuzzy search scores

The behavior for fuzzy search of symbols was adjusted to increase the score awarded for consecutive letters. This means keywords such as MPU and CPU will be ranked higher.

Language server changes

  • The language server is now notified when new configuration files are added to the active build.
  • Zephyr drivers have been added to the list of resolved header files.
  • A new code action will appear when including a header file that requires a Kconfig parameter to be set. Through the code action, the nRF Kconfig GUI will automatically open to the correct symbol, allowing any necessary changes to be made.