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Version 2022.1.192


  • Links to open active build and flash terminals.
  • Search functionality in the hosted documentation site.
  • Workspace name input to the workspace application creation.
  • Button to show the DeviceTree output for the current build.
  • A display of the hex and dfu files under Output Files.
  • Context menu to get the absolute and relative paths of output files.
  • Entry in the Details panel that allows for easy overlay file creation.
  • Icon for elf files in Output Files.


  • Flash and Erase and Flash are always shown.
  • Alphabetically sorted the boards and features in the sample browser.
  • DeviceTree hierarchy is now in a new, separate side bar panel.
  • DeviceTree files were moved from DeviceTree to Input Files in Details panel.
  • Internal registry of board IDs now handles _ns extensions and additional boards.
  • Ozone support now handles the name change of a plugin in Ozone v3.26.


  • Initiating RTT connection to devices with a revisioned type.
  • The import workspace application manifest nrf/VERSION check and notification.
  • conf file selection now goes back to default.
  • Logic for finding allowed boards in sample.yml.
  • The Kconfig GUI prompt now includes an Install button.
  • Active application automatically switched too eagerly.