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Version 2024.2.418

Welcome to the February 2024 release of the nRF DeviceTree extension.

Read below for the summary of the most important changes.

Changes in 2024.3.78

The changes in this release are all related to the Devicetree Visual Editor:

  • Editor behavior

    • Added input validation to property components in the Peripherals view.
    • Changed the Nodes View behavior so that the view is now persistent and selecting a node in it makes the node active also in the Peripherals view.
    • Changed the labelling logic for adding new memory partitions in Peripherals so that the partitions are labelled correctly.
    • Removed the visibility restrictions of the editor treeviews.
  • UI changes

    • Added the add button for generic IOs.
    • Made WAKE pins of SPI peripherals visibile in the Peripherals view.
    • Reworked interaction with channel settings of channel peripherals, such as ADC or PWM, by making the configure button only show on hover for channels connected to a node.
    • Locked ADC pins in the Pins view given their hardcoded assignments.
    • Moved the context menu items of the nodes in Nodes View to the ... more actions menu.
    • Disabled the standard copy-paste context menu items in Node Inspector and Pin Overview. User feedback
    • Replaced the pin icon in the editor.
  • Bugfixes

    • Fixed devicetree node type duplication when changing Zephyr base.
    • Fixed a crash triggered by the code behind Visual Studio Code issue #204178.
    • Fixed several rendering and alignment issues in the Pins and Peripherals view.
    • Fixed several issues related to node selection and property editing.
    • Fixed the PWM property wrapping in the Node Inspector.

Devicetree Visual Editor

  • Implemented a complete overhaul of the Devicetree Visual Editor.
    The new editor replaces the old circuit views with a new Peripherals view, which gives an overview of the different components on your board, their pins, settings, and relationships.
  • There are a lot of additional changes and enhancements that we hope will reduce the learning curve for new Devicetree users and improve the workflow for existing users:

    • The Devicetree View has been moved to its own Visual Studio Code sidebar.
    • Removed the address bar at the top with a node-specific header.
    • Diagnostics are now shown in the editor.
    • Added a new Add Device workflow, making it easier to add new devices and features to your board.
    • Pin assignments can now be dragged and dropped in the Pins view.
  • Implemented several small enhancements to how the changes made in the editor are applied to text files.

  • Fixed several bugs in property assignments and addition workflows.

Devicetree language support

  • Improved code completion context awareness.
  • Added support for child bindings, including other bindings directly.
  • Made linter ignore properties in deleted node entries.
  • Fixed handling of /delete-property/.


  • Added reporting of address collisions in all nodes involved in the collision.
  • Stopped emitting compatible warnings for root and /soc/ node.
  • Removed invalid warning on reg-names property.
  • Improved diagnostic on invalid phandle cells.
  • Fixed address collision lint warning that would show the wrong address.
  • Fixed flash partitions that would expect addresses in the global address space instead of the local one.