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Version 2024.2.214

Welcome to the February 2024 release of nRF Connect for VS Code.

Read below for the summary of the most important changes.

Changes in 2024.3.25

  • Shortened board location path in the build configuration tooltip.
  • Fixed the fork detection when an SDK is not a git repository. User feedback
  • Fixed the variable substitution in CMake preset cache variables. User feedback
  • Fixed slow activation when working with west workspaces.

SDK management

  • Marked forked SDK versions with a *.
  • Classified SDKs as global and gave them priority.
  • Implemented automatic registration of any unregistered SDK or west workspaces.
  • Improved the menu for switching manifests with the ability to detect manifests with different self.path.
  • Allowed users to create manifests when manifest repo does not have a remote.
  • Fixed UI not updating when the last SDK is removed.
  • Fixed west workspace detection.
  • Fixed fork detection.

Application management

  • Added automatic addition of new applications in subfolders of the workspace. User feedback
  • Added enforcement of the application directory naming rules. User feedback

Build management

  • Added support for child image CMake arguments.
  • Fixed board revision resolution.
  • Fixed restoring the last used build configuration at startup.

Create new application

  • Applications opened from the Application index button now use the same workflow as the Visual Studio Code menu.
  • Added Select SDK button to Browse samples.
  • Made the failure to import applications into an error modal.
  • Fixed repository and documentation links of samples. User feedback
  • Fixed an issue with the last application location not being used.

Add Build Configuration page

  • The board selector now filters board drop-down selection menu by name.
  • Kconfig fragments can now always be selected.
  • Enhanced tooltip placement on the build configuration editor.
  • Optional, non-existent configuration files are now hidden.
  • CMake presets now use CACHED_CONF_FILE.
  • Added compatible boards from the application's boards folder.
  • Fixed an issue with the cursor jumping in the build folder name input. User feedback
  • Fixed an issue with the configuration file selection.
  • Unified Add build configuration action naming.


  • Enabled monitor mode debugging when available.
  • Implemented halting of the board after flashing for debugging.
  • Improved SVD file resolution. User feedback
  • Error to find SVD files will not fail Ozone setup anymore.
  • Added support for running custom GDB setup commands. User feedback
  • Added support for writing ASCII characters in the Memory Explorer.
  • Added monitor mode flags to the debug optimization settings.

Create Board

  • Added missing nRF91 Series boards.
  • Added enforcement of custom board ID requirements from Zephyr.
  • Fixed an issue with generated nRF91 Series _ns boards and nRF53 Series boards.
  • Fixed an issue with the generated J-Link device ID for flash runners.

  • Adjusted pristine build prompt mechanism.

Details View

  • Added the Secure Partitons section for TF-M builds.
  • Added zephyr.dts to Output files. User feedback


  • Made pristine build use CACHED_CONF_FILE to recover the configuration file settings.
  • Added a setting to allow condensed build progress output. User feedback

File types

  • sample.yaml files:

    • Added extra_configs field.
    • Implemented support for arrays in platform_allow. User feedback
  • Added detection of ZAP files as JSON files.